Painter has world at his fingertips

A collection of works done with his hands and fingers by stalwart Bui Quang Anh is on show at a painting exhibition he has organised along with another veteran, Trinh Thanh Tung, at the HCM City-based Tu Do Gallery. Helping hands: Dem Rung Chien Tranh (A Night in the Wood during War) by Ha Noi-based painter Bui Quang Anh is being displayed alongside works by HCM City-based Trinh Thanh Tung at a joint exhibition in the Tu Do Gallery. HCM CITY (VNS)— Summer Paintings … [Read more...]

HCM City’s female artists reunion in ‘Green Bridge’

 VietNamNet Bridge - Feminine, romantic feeling is what brought by 20 female painters through their paintings on display at the exhibition “Green Bridge” in Ho Chi Minh City. A work on display at the exhibition. The exhibition "Green Bridge" opened on October 1 in HCM City Women's Cultural House, introducing 20 painters of the Ngan Ha Club. Female artists from 30 to 80 years old contribute to the exhibition diverse paintings. Oil paintings, acrylic paintings, foliage paintings are expressed … [Read more...]

Hanoi’s autumn colors shine in Saigon

VietNamNet Bridge - Vu Thai Binh, Ngo Duc Hoang and Tran Ngoc Hung have brought the colors of Hanoi’s quiet, fresh and romantic autumn to HCM City through 74 paintings. Ngo Duc Hoang, Vu Thai Binh and Tran Ngoc Hung at the opening ceremony at the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts on September 16.  The 3 Hanoi artists recently made an impressive trip to the South when they brought dozens of large-scale artworks to an exhibition in HCM City. Each of them has their own taste and … [Read more...]

Cleaning an oil painting by Bui Xuan Phai


by Bettina Ebert May 20, 2011   Phố Hàng Cá (‘Fish Street’) was painted in 1962 by Bùi Xuân Phái (1920-88), a Hanoi artist who became one of Vietnam’s best-known painters for his depictions of the old streets of the city.   On this painting from Witness Collection, oil paint was applied on the textured side of a hardboard panel. This cross-hatched texture, with many small indentations, is characteristic of the reverse of many different types of hardboard panels. No … [Read more...]

Tạ Tỵ’s Cubist masterpiece completed

by Bettina Ebert Aug 08, 2012 About a year ago, I reported on the cleaning of a cubist masterpiece by Tạ Tỵ. The painting The Guitar was covered in a large amount of overpaint, which took a long time to remove. It was only after overpaint and dirt removal that the full extent of damage and paint loss was visible. It was obvious that while the painting was damaged in some areas, with localised loss of the original paint, a lot of the overpaint had actually covered original paint that … [Read more...]

Uncovering a cubist masterpiece

by Bettina Ebert May 24, 2011 The Guitar is a cubist oil painting on canvas. It was painted by Tạ Tỵ in 1957, and was purchased by Witness Collection at auction in France in 2009. Prior to entering the collection, the painting had undergone extensive restoration. Tạ Tỵ (1922-2004) is known as Vietnam’s leading proponent of cubism and abstraction. Large areas of the painting were covered in unsightly overpaint which was not suitably colour-matched to the surrounding original paint. In … [Read more...]

Le Trieu Dien brings memories to the fore


Everyone loves to recall pleasant memories, especially elderly people who like telling old stories about their past love, their victories, their hardship as well as their dreams for their children and grandchildren. At the age of nearly 70 with four decades as a working artist, Le Trieu Dien recalls the ups and downs of his life, memories of time and emotions with solo exhibition ‘Ky uc goi ve’ (Called back memory) which will open at the downtown Phuong Mai Gallery on Sunday. The … [Read more...]

Book: Nguyen Sang


Category: Contemporary Art Unit Price: US$80.00 Description: Featured Books: “Even if you pave the road with money, I’d trample on it. But to serve art, I’d glean any penny for subsistence”: Nguyen Sang. Nguyen Sang is one of Vietnam’s most important painters and this book celebrates his work and his influence, with 85 paintings, extensive essays, photos and poetry written by the artist himself. “In 1984, Sang had his first and only solo exhibition at the Fine Art Museum. It was a … [Read more...]

Metamorphoses – Between reality and fiction

THE MEDALS, each 173x140cm, oil on cancas, 2007

  Katia Sabaliostis Positioned between reality and fiction, the artist's work and the motto is true for the genre as well as the subjects. Nguyen Xuan Huy paints photo-realistic, and if he makes documentary photographs included in his work, then that's a bridge to reality, which has already been exceeded for the first time at the moment when the image is painted and presented so as to be fictitious.  Nguyen is Vietnamese. Born in 1976 in Hanoi, he belongs to a generation that … [Read more...]

Ordeal in oil

BRAIN LANDSCAPE, 150 x 120cm, oil on canvas, 2002

Stefan Reisner During the Vietnam War, the toxic defoliant known as “Agent Orange” was sprayed over vast swathes of rainforest in order to strip the dense undergrowth bare. Even now, the indigenous population continue to suffer the after-effects of this poison and many are born with severe disabilities. Nguyen Xuan Huy, an emerging Vietnamese artist living in Berlin, has not forgotten the victims of this atrocity; they inhabit his canvases. No bombardment followed in the wake of the … [Read more...]