Gold-painted ceramics

VietNamNet Bridge – The price ranges from a few million dong to several hundreds of million dong or even a billion dong, but these products are still sold well because decoration patterns are drawn with 24K gold. Over 500 ceramic products which are painted with pure gold are on displayed at the Sofitel Hanoi Palaza Hotel by Bui Xuan Hai, a businessman from the northern port city of Hai Phong. These items, ranging from everyday things such as cups, vases to those for spiritual … [Read more...]

Event : Program “Art under the Roof”

Art under the Roof 1 Workshop: 17 – 25 Oct 2012 The Muong’s Cultural Museum Exhibition: 26 Oct – 04 Nov 2012 Exhibition room, Hanoi University of Culture You are invited to programs in Event International Workshop Muong’s Land 2nd & Asia Art Link 4th, which takes place from 17 to 25, October 2012 at Studio of the Muong’s Cultural Museum, Hoa Binh city. This is a Contemporary Art Workshop of 68 artists from Vietnam and other 14 countries around the world. The main activities are … [Read more...]

The Evolution of Vietnamese Ceramics

By John Stevenson Published on 3/1/98 Things Asian The evolution of Vietnamese ceramics parallels the course of Vietnamese history, reflecting how people lived and how they related to neighboring cultures. The vocabulary of ceramic shapes, glazes, and decorative motifs allows us to read the development of a culture that now has little remaining in the way of physical artifacts by which to trace its history. The Chinese potter aimed for and frequently achieved perfect technique, … [Read more...]

Hanoi exhibition showcases impaired students’ art

A visually impaired student with his ceramic work Photo: Tuoitre

An exhibition featuring art works made by visually impaired students at Nguyen Dinh Chieu School is being held in the capital city. A visually impaired student with his ceramic work Photo: TuoitreTitled “Nghe thuat vuot qua thi giac” (Art goes beyond sight), the exhibition showcasing the ceramic works and paintings aims to prove that disadvantaged people can contribute to the community if they are given the chance to. “The most important thing that the students bring out at the exhibition … [Read more...]