20 marvellous photo montages of Hanoi and Paris


(VOV) -Using techniques of superimposition and photo montage, German photographer Matthias Meyer has blurred the lines between authenticity and imitation in a unique … [Read more...]

A Guide to Contemporary Arts in Ho Chi Minh City

A corner in the permanent collection of HCM City Fine Arts Museum

( Cinet )- Ho Chi Minh City has rapidly become one of the most active emerging art hubs in Southeast Asia. Although the number of contemporary art spaces is still modest, they are getting more and more attention from a greater audience. Home to several international and local recognized artists, the city has so much to offer to contemporary art lovers. Museums, private collection and galleries Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum - The museum’s exhibition rooms have a range of art that … [Read more...]

AP displays photos of Vietnam War in Hanoi


(VOV) - The Associated Press (AP) will organise an exhibition themed "Vietnam: The Real War " at the Exhibition Hall in Hanoi on June 12 . The event will feature 50 images which capture the drama and tragedy of people in the Vietnam War. According to AP , the highlight of the exhibition will be Malcolm Browne ’s horrific photograph of an elderly Buddhist monk who voluntarily set ablaze during a protest against the South Vietnamese government and Nick Ut ’s … [Read more...]

Norwegian Exhibition: Vietnamese Beauty in Art


(VOV) - Nine Vietnamese and Norwegian artists will display their paintings at an art exhibition scheduled to take place at Engervannsveien 31 in Norway from April 11 through May 3. The exhibition, titled " April 30 ," is co-organised by Baerum Kunstforening ( Art Association ) and Vietnamese-born architect/writer, Le Tan Sitek , who acts as a link to strengthen art exchanges between Vietnam and Norway . The event will feature many renowned Vietnamese painters … [Read more...]

Glimmers of hope for Vietnamese to collect artworks

After many years of being almost exclusively oriented to foreign clients, some galleries are finding appropriate ways to return to the potential of the local market. The original methods they thought of in the beginning included organizing a sales network, and having art showcased at artist’s private homes or in the courtyards of some friendly embassies, or at newly opened hotels. They also tried to understand and study the psychology of Vietnamese clients in fine arts and sculpture. A … [Read more...]

Belgium – Vietnam contemporary printmaking paintings to exhibit in Hanoi

Illustrative image.

(Cinet)- With the sponsor of Wallonie-Bruxelles international, 5 Vietnamese artists and 7 Belgian artists will display printmaking paintings at Vietnam Fine Art Museum. … [Read more...]

New book on Sai Gon – Gia Dinh fine arts introduced


(Cinet)- On September 10, a painter and teacher of fine art, Uyen Huy, published a research book featuring urban fine art found in Sai Gon -formerly Gia Dinh province - from 1900 to 1975. … [Read more...]

Vietnamese sculpture featured at Australian exhibition

(VOV) - The Consulate General of Vietnam in Perth in co-ordination with Broome city's local authorities in Western Australia opened a sculpture exhibition to display artworks by Australian and Vietnamese artists on September 9. Within the event, "Nàng tiên cá trên bãi biển Cable" (Little mermaid on Cable beach) made from white marble by Vietnamese artists in Ngũ Hành Sơn (Marble Mountains) in Danang city is showcased. The exhibition runs until September 19 at which time the Vietnamese … [Read more...]