Exhibition launched on children’s portrait photos


A photo at the exhibition. (Photo: hanoigrapevine.com)

An exhibition of 10,000 portrait photos of children in Vietnam’s northern mountainous regions opened in Hanoi on May 30 .

The three-day exhibition marks the end of the nine-month project ” Vietnam Free Photo For Children ” (VFFFC) and to create a play ground for children in Hanoi on the occasion of International Children ’s Day ( June 1 ).

It also hopes to inspire young people to engage in meaningful activities towards needy mountainous regions.

The VFFFC project was launched in March 2014 with the purpose of taking, recording and giving moments of pure and beautiful childhood for children in northern mountainous and remote areas, where many people have never had their photo taken.

About 10 ,000 children and hundreds of people in 129 villages of 30 remote communes have been photographed and received free photos.-VNA

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