Artwork on Vietnam War displayed in Singapore

A visitor at the exhibition. (Photo: VNA)

A visitor at the exhibition. (Photo: VNA)

For the first time, a collection of art featuring the Vietnam War from 1954-1975 is being exhibited at the Museum of the National University of Singapore.

The owner of the collection, former Malaysian Ambassador to Vietnam, Dato ‘N Parameswaran, said he wholeheartedly admired Vietnam and its people and his feelings inspired him to collect pieces of art during and after his working tenure in Hanoi from 1990 to 1993.

The collection includes wood engravings, sketches and placards made by his favourite Vietnamese artists, such as Huynh Van Thuan, Phan Ke An, Hoang Dinh Tai and Le Tri Dung, Quang Son, Pham Ngoc Doanh, Huy Toan, Pham Luc and highlights Vietnamese patriotism and national spirit.

According to the diplomat, approximately 40 pieces are on display at the moment, but the exhibition is expected to exhibit 199 objects selected from the total of 1,200 in his strong collection within the next three years.

Mr. Dato’ N Parameswaran said that the exhibits would also be for sale to organizations and great collectors to preserve the works of art./.

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