Vietnam, RoK artists join exhibition on traditional paper

Entitled ” Soul of Do “, the exhibition showcases 71 contemporary art works created by Vietnamese calligrapher Xuan Nhu and painter Yoyo.

Director of the Hanoi-based Korean Cultural Centre Park Nark Jong said the exhibition follows the success of a similar event showcasing the RoK’s handicrafts made with traditional ” hanji /”>hanji /”> hanji ” paper in April.

The centre wants to host more activities to increase the mutual understanding and art exchanges between the two countries, he said.

The “do” paper exhibition is expected to help visitors better understand the development of this traditional material which serves as the base for a mixture of tradition and modern in the art works.

“Do” paper is used for painting and writing, as seen in the renowned Dong Ho paintings, calligraphy and water colour paintings, as well as for documenting past dynasties and family annals.

It comes from the bark of the poonah trees in northern provinces such as Yen Bai , Lao Cai , Thai Nguyen and Cao Bang .

It takes several complicated and precise processes to make “do” paper, including selecting the material, soaking it in water, pounding and flattening the poonah pulp into paper and drying it inside the house.

At the opening ceremony, calligrapher Xuan Nhu and painter Yoyo explained the meaning of their works to visitors.

Nguyen Danh Tu also put on an interesting guitar performance.

Director of the Cultural Culture Centre said that their activities aim to introduce Korean arts to Vietnamese people, promote Vietnamese art groups and individuals. The exhibition, as he added, was significance for strengthening the co-operation in arts between the two countries.

Following are some paintings on display at the exhibition:

A calligraphy work on “do” paper by Xuan Nhu A painting by Yoyo Making “do” paper

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