Event: Vietnam – Malaysia – Thailand Watercolor Art Exchange Exhibition

You are cordially invited to the art exhibition VIETNAM – MALAYSIA – THAILAND. This is the first water color exhibition ever takes place in Vietnam for artists from those 3 countries. From Vietnam , we have artists: Phan Cẩm Thượng, Doãn Hoàng Lâm, Vương Văn Thạo, Hà Mạnh Thắng, Phạm Huy Thông, Đoàn Xuân Tặng, Vũ Phạm Trường Minh, Ngô Quang Dương, Lưu Bảo Trung, Bùi Duy Kh ánh, Trương Văn Ngọc. From Thailand , there are 2 artists: Direk Kingnok , Suwit Jaipom . And there is 9 other artist from Malaysia: Chow Chin Chuan , Chua Cha Hui , Chua Cheng Koon , Leong Kim Kuan , Tan Suz Chiang , Tang Moon Kian , Yong Look Lam , Long Thien Shin , Angelo.

Opening: Wed 01 Apr 2015 , 5 pm

Exhibition: 01 – 07 Apr 2015

Vietnam Fine Arts Museum

66 Nguyen Thai Hoc St . Hanoi

Exhibition introduction by painter / art critic Phan Cam Thuong , translated by Nguyen Bich Thuy :

Natural colors have been used for painting since ancient time, traditional Chinese painting is a remarkable example. Vietnamese people have used natural colors that come from nature such as grass or stone: yellow comes from Hoe flower, black comes from Bamboo leaf, green comes from Cham tree and red comes from red stone. Those natural colors can be painted on paper and silk as they are naturally adhesive. However, when water color – a ready-made product was brought to Asia by Western people, Asian painters do not seek for natural colors anymore. The affect between natural colors and water color are not so much different. Chinese painters keep working with two techniques parallel: Shui tai hua is water colored-artworks and Guohua is natural colored artworks.

Since 1960s , Leningrad – a Russian water color product used to be popular to many Vietnamese painters, it has been a common, practical material for many painters for a long time. The idea of an exhibition of water colored artworks originated by Malaysian painters.

The first exhibition of water colored artworks by Malaysian, Vietnamese and Thai painters will be held at Viet Nam Fine Arts Museum .

Participants will travel and work outdoor together in the nature. The next time, there will be a workshop in Malaysia. Painters work together and artworks are exhibited after the workshop. The idea is to give prominence to using water color in Asia more often and water color is considered to use as a real material instead of using it for making sketches. In fact, water colored painting has been regarded equally as other kinds of painting in over the world. It has the same value as an oil painting or an acrylic paintings etc.

During the war of resistance, water color was a popular and effective material for many Vietnamese painters to make sketches at the battlefield. These sketches are vivid described. When painters went home they did not have time to repaint or to make these sketches into bigger paintings as they wanted. Nevertheless, many sketches were painted carefully as a completed painting not simply a sketch.

After the war time, during 1970s and 1980s Vietnamese painters travelled and stayed at the field or locations to paint, water color became less used. Since then, water colored sketch was reduced, there are painters continue using it for making design or water color is used among other materials in multi-media painting ( with pencil , charcoal , gouache, ink, natural color etc .,).

If we look at paintings by Malaysian and Thai painters, we can see that realism is still highly regarded and water color is still given as a prominence material. A panorama landscape or a moment of high speed life can be visualized by individual feeling of creators, it does not matter if it is a painting or it is photography. It is a creation of realism. On the other hand, Vietnamese painters compromise their inspirations, follow their spontaneous imagination more than describe the reality. We can see these styles are different in spirit as well as techniques of using water color. Technique or personal style, however, both are respected because it is an individual exploration, it is the freedom of painters. The importance of this meeting point between painters from different countries is a chance to exchange experiences, views of life, creative process not simply an exhibition of water colored artworks or the comparison of technique between Cultures in South East Asian region.

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