Belgium – Vietnam contemporary printmaking paintings to exhibit in Hanoi

Illustrative image.

Illustrative image.

(Cinet)- With the sponsor of Wallonie-Bruxelles international, 5 Vietnamese artists and 7 Belgian artists will display printmaking paintings at Vietnam Fine Art Museum.

The event willl take place from April 10-20. This exhibition is a dialogue between artists of two cultures sharing common art values while interpreting various printing medium and subjects, is an dialogue between traditional technique and contemporary art. Since printmaking is an edition on paper, it have always be easier to share it with a lot of different people and make it travel all around the world.

This group of artist experts in specific printmaking and engraving techniques, famous in their respective countries have all their own way of looking at the world and expressing this in their work. The exhibition will aim at showcasing to the artist community, student and public in Hanoi, a lot of different aspect of printmaking and engraving arts; 12 artists, 12 ways to use techniques, 12 contemporary art projects: Nguyen Phuong Nghia (coffe print), Phan Hai Bang (wood cut and paper), Pham Khac Quan (wood cut), Ngo Anh Co (aquatint and engraving), Le Huy Tiep (silkscreen, monotype and lithography), Pol Authom (computer print), Michel Barzin (wood cut), Marie-France Bonmariage (lithography), Virginie Faivre d’Arcier (printing on textile and installation), Chantal Hardy (lithography), Habib Harem (aquatint, linogravure, print, carborundum), Martine Monfort (aquatint).

In 2014, the exhibition was show in Fine Art Museum of Verviers and in The churchill Gallery in Liege, Belgium.

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