Event: Exhibition “Harvest-Moon”

During harvest time the moon over Vietnam changes his appearance bizarrely. The heat of the day, dust and fires of rice harvest keep the air constantly moving – a source of inspiration for husband-and-wife artists Christiane Campioni and Tobias Küster Campioni.

Opening: Thu 05 Mar 2015, 6 pm

Exhibition: 06 – 22 Mar 2015, 9 am – 9 pm

Goethe-Institut Hanoi

56-58 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

“Harvest-Moon” – an exhibition focused on Vietnam, the country in which both get to know each over 10 years ago. Since 2011 they present their work at a small gallery in Erfurt. The moon is reduced to a circle as the basic element and visually claimed in a square made of lacquer on metal. These materials are used in traditional Vietnamese lacquer painting. The utilization of metal – as a symbol for the western origin of the artists – a new artistically way is involved in the traditionally technique. Circle and Square as basic geometrical elements signify movement and peace.

Christiane Campioni was born 1976 in Erfurt. After graduating her studies in preservation and restauration of art and cultural assets in Dresden, she studied in Hanoi and acquired the craft of traditional Vietnamese lacquer painting. She also published a guide for the profession as restaurateur.

Since 2009 Christiane and her husband Tobias have been working with the “liquid metal“.

Tobias Küster Campioni was born 1976 in Brühl. He received 2005 the price for architecture of the Technical University Dresden because of outstanding performance (urban development). As an international Designer for prestigious buildings he is also working for big Hotel chains. Since 2014 he is guest lecturer for interior architecture at the Hanoi Architectural University in Vietnam.

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