Event: Exhibition “Consciousness”

Manzi art space is proud to present the exhibition entitled ‘Consciousness’ by Trinh Cung – one of the most important artists of Saigon before 1975.

Opening: Mon 12 Jan 2015, 6.30 pm

Artist Talk: Wed 14 Jan 2014, 6.30 pm

Showcase: 12 – 20 Jan 2015

Manzi Art Space

14 Phan Huy Ich, Hanoi

‘Consciousness’ featuring Trinh Cung’s latest creations with 9 sketches and 7 large size oil paintings will mark the return of the man after more than 20 years long of absence in the local art scene.

‘I haven’t shown my work to public for a long time as I felt depressed with everything I created, so I wrapped them up, locked them in a tube, brought them along with me with the hope to find a heaven, for me and for them.

Now at the age of 77, I have realised that my artwork need to be free, they need to be alive and that’s why they are here, at manzi art space today’, said Trinh Cung.

By setting up an ambiguous interplay between foreground and background, transforming his canvas into a composition of loose, organic forms, in this series of work, Trinh Cung has created a perpetual motion, candidly confronting themes of identity, sexuality and the fear of loss and abandonment.

About the artist:

Born in Nha Trang in 1939 and graduated from the Hue Fine Art College in 1962, Trinh Cung has been considered one of the most important artists of Saigon before 1975.

Cung has widely exhibited in Hongkong, Singapore, Paris, London and across the United States. His recent works reflect more universal themes and expressions, though they are still suffused with the delicacy and poignancy of the Vietnamese esprit.

Trinh Cung now lives and works in Saigon. He also works as a visiting lecturer at the San Francisco State University, University of Massachusetts, University of California, Los Angeles, and the Indiana University.

Free entry.

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