Hanoi: Exhibition “Not Quite Landscapes”

An exhibition showcasing lacquer paintings by Vu Duc Trung is held at Dong Phong Art Gallery on 12 Oct will lead you into the depth of Vietnamese traditional lacquer art. The show will depict the mystery of nature, leading customers to various perceptions and emotions. Come and feel…

Once again, artist Vu Duc Trung will present lacquer-art to his admirers at the solo exhibition “Not Quite Landscapes” opening at Dong Phong Art Gallery in Hanoi on 12th October 2014. Vu Duc Trung last exhibited his lacquer works at the solo exhibition But is it landscapes in 2012.

We perceive nature to be an endless source for the themes that the artist uses and renews again and again. He creates various points of view that allow us to delve deep into the sensation of space and time and the objects that revolve around them.

In Vu Duc Trung’s work, nature is rendered using traditional methods of lacquer painting to produce an array of colours in which shapes and figures have been eliminated. The permutations of forms and pallets are done with such proficiency that the paintings become akin to a leisurely walk. Vu Duc Trung does not coerce the viewer into views of preconceived forms, but rather lets them experience a carefree and pleasing sense of nature between heaven and earth.

Looking at his paintings, do we not sometimes get a clear sensation of emptiness, of soullessness, even of desolation and coldness? Are these the perceptions of the viewer or do they also reflect the artist’s state of mind?

The most striking feature of this exhibition is the round lacquer boards on which all the paintings are made. Is it true that the artist “binds” landscapes into specific shapes so that they become not quite landscapes? They imply a deeper sense of the finite and infinite …

Art Event – Exhibition “Not Quite Landscapes”

by Artist Vu Duc Trung

Date and Time: 12 Oct – 12 Nov 2014

Venue : Dong Phong Art Gallery

Address: 03 Ly Dao Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Source : VietNamNet Bridge

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