Exhibition “Letting Go”


Opening: Thu 03 Jul 2014, 6.30 pm

Exhibition: 03 – 09 Jul 2014

Vietnam Fine Arts Museum

66 Nguyen Thai Hoc St., Hanoi

There are many ways to liberate one’s spiritual life. This is as important as the metabolism process. But the methods are very different; some people can focus his or her energy in doing something else in a hobby or a certain interest. The majority will try to release their energy for entertainment or some useless time killing activities.

Painting is one way of liberating human beings but can still remain energy. Artist Le Huu Hieu has the starting point as an architect. He chose one way to release his energy but he can still get his mentality focused in the joy of creating artworks.

His first solo exhibition contains 18 oil-on-canvas paintings in medium size; there are also different experimentations with acrylic, using gold and silver on canvas. It shows us the beauty in the patience for the passion of arts. With the language of surrealist art mixing with expressionist, the artist doesn’t just paint his own mental state but also expresses the consciousness of a certain class. This class is considered to be “The Youth of their times“. There is fear and amazement in front of the pressure of time and work. All the fallen angels with wild dreams combine with the temporality and wicked humor in the social stories where they are in.

A very interesting is that the exhibition was passionately supported by a reputed website on the events, art and culture in Hanoi which is Hanoi Grapevine. With the individual support of a local business (Mr Nguyen Duc Tuyen, chairman of Cau Giay joint-stock company), this has marked a good sign for the units, individuals, and organizations sponsoring the debut of young artists in Vietnam. Especially in the context where cultural foundations, individual patrons in recent years have decreased in the not so optimistic economic situations and the less exciting cultural and art life…

On the occasion of “Letting go” exhibition by a brand new young artist with the art world, we are cordially presents the attendance of many reputable professional artists as well representatives from governmental fine art organizations such as: artist Thanh Chuong (Vietnam Fine Arts Association), artist Luong Xuan Doan, artist Le Thiet Cuong, artist Vi Kien Thanh (Bureau Chief of the Fine Arts Department). We would like to also call for the attention of organizations, individual units to be more actively engaged in the art contribution and sponsor for young artists. To commensurate with the policy implementation “Culture and Art as the motivation and purpose” for the prosperous development of the country!

About the artist:

Le Hieu

Le Huu Hieu

Born in September 2nd 1982

Hometown: Xuan Yen – Nghi Xuan – Ha Tinh

Education: Civil Engineering University majored in Architecture (2006)

Present: independent architect

Source: VietNamNet Bridge

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