Potters strike a ‘timely’ balance

An exhibition of pottery that opened in Hanoi on April 10 illustrates the harmony between modernity and tradition.

Curator of the exhibition, painter Le Thiet Cuong, invited six nationally known pottery artists to display their works. The artists chosen have had little chance to present their works in the past.

Pham Anh Dao, who was born in Bat Trang Village on the outskirts of Hanoi, displays modest pottery bowls, dishes and cups with simple patterns.

Nguyen Khac Quan creates pottery with daring and modern patterns depicting charming women.

Le Quoc Viet exhibits pottery installation art.

While Nguyen Quang Thu describes the love between mother and child, Nguyen Tuan uses pottery to portray Buddhist philosophy.

Nguyen Viet, the oldest of the team, shows his profession through celadon glaze pots and jars engraved with patterns from Cuong’s paintings.

The precious green glaze, dating back to the Ly Dynasty ( 9th-12th centuries) is a difficult technique that requires much skill.

This year the exhibition will be held at a shopping mall in Trang Tien Plaza. It will close on April 20.

Curator Cuong said this would enable more of the public to see the exhibits. “Most Vietnamese do not have a habit of visiting galleries to admire paintings,” he said./.

Source: VietNamPlus 

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