Paintings by artist Hoang Tich Chu on sale at VX Art Gallery

VX Art Gallery is glad to introduce two lacquer painting s by famous artist Hoang Tich Chu on sale now. The artist had been spending 60 years devoting his life to teaching and art activities before his death in 2003. He was awarded the Ho Chi Minh prize on art and literature in 2000.

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Hoang Tich Chu was born in 1912 in Ha Bac – a norther province of Vietnam. His passion for art had come in the very early days of his life. Graduating from Indochina Fine Arts College in 1942 , he later became the first lecturer at Hanoi’s Fine Arts College from 1956 to 1969 . Artworks from Indochina Fine Arts artist have always been valuable and highly appreciated for many reasons: a reflection of Vietnamese culture during a historic time of the nation, a struggle against French colony by artists from a French school, the true soul recorded by mere intuition, ect.

Hoang Tich Chu was then the Head of Hanoi Institute of Art Handicraft . Hoang Tich Chu was also awarded with many noble prizes by the State such as : the Ho Chi Minh Prize on art and literature in 2000, the Order of Labour , first class, the Order of Resistance War , second class, the Order of anti- US Resistance War and National Salvation , first class and the Badge of 50 years of Party membership in recognition of his valuable contribution to teaching and art activities.

The artist was among those who had many works included in the revolutionary fine arts. He played a significant role in turning traditional lacquer into a material of Vietnam’s fine arts. One of his major works 1958’s To Doi Cong Mien Nui ( A Labor Co -operative Group in the Mountainous Area ) successfully combined a rich source of colors like indigo-red-yellow for the first time, which is regarded as a dynamic and vivid expression of nature and Vietnamese culture. His talent was widely admired by foreign as well as Vietnamese students.

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