Exhibition : Group 12

VX Art Gallery is glad to introduce Group 12 Exhibition consisting of 12 like-minded artists’ paintings on traditional Vietnamese materials such as lacquer and do’ paper. 

Group 12 Exhibition
Opening : 4.30 pm – Nov 6, 2013
Date : Nov 05 – Nov 19
Venue : 1st & 2nd floor
The exhibition Center of Fine Arts Exhibition
16 Ngo Quyen, Hanoi

From the organizer

Group 12 gathers like-minded friends in the creation of fine arts. We share ideas in the belief that our creations make life richer and more meaningful and thus encouraged one another to realise this exhibition. While some of us express a peaceful and light-hearted view about life and nature, each has found and articulates a personal style. The Group hopes to bring to you new impressions and an enjoyable experience during your discovery of our artworks. The Exhibition presents 90 artworks, all faithful to the use of traditional Vietnamese materials, such as lacquer and do’ paper.

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