Beautiful childhood moments through the lens of photographers

VietNamNet Bridge – 70 photos about children by 21 photographers touched the viewers in the opening of the photo exhibition titled “Childhood” in HCM City on August 18.

Celebrating 15 years of operation, the Gia Dinh – HCM City photographic artist association has introduced artworks with the theme “Childhood,” with 70 photos by 21 members. The exhibition opened on August 18 at the HCM City Photography Association, 122 Suong Nguyet Anh, District 1, HCM City and will close until August 31.

childhood, photo exhibition, photographers

To have these photos, photographers traveled from South to North, from remote villages to big cities, from plains to mountain regions. Photo: “Innocent Sapa” by Tran Quoc Dung.

childhood, photo exhibition, photographers

“Sand hills in a summer day” by Huynh Thuan.

childhood, photo exhibition, photographers

“Companion” by Tran Cao Bao Long.

childhood, photo exhibition, photographers

“Be careful, sister!” by Nguyen A.

childhood, photo exhibition, photographers

“Kites of childhood” by Thai Phien.

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