Event : Roots by painter Nguyen Thi Mai

by painter Nguyen Thi Mai
Opening : 17.00 on Tuesday, Dec 11, 2012
Exhibition : Dec 11 to Dec 15, 2012
Venue : Viet Art Centre, 42 Yet Kieu, Hanoi

You are invited to solo exhibition of unpolished lacquer paintings by Nguyen Thi Mai. After years of trying on various materials such as oil, acrylic, silk,… finally Mai was convinced by the unique technique of lacquer that profoundly stimulated her to dig into the wonderful world of standard lacquer. For the past two years, she has been very definitely engaged in producing this kind of traditional paintings, of which, the unpolished one took up a great proportion.

The rustically simple, pristine and familiar nature of Mai’s artworks lead all her to successfully embrace a new perception in lacquer tradition.

Compiled by VX Art News

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