Painter Dao Hai Phong

Dao Hai Phong’s paintings have a dreamy quality that makes them captivating. While the subjects in his paintings are not distinctive, they are illuminating with a real sense of time and essence of light. Phong’s paintings often capture sceneries just as time is changing from one part of the day to the next – when evening comes, after the rain, as moonlight is at its most glorious. Phong uses dramatic colours, especially his signature vivid blue, and simplicity of structures superbly to this effect. That is what makes the ancient streets of Hanoi, his native city, and the countryside, where his film-making career has taken him to, so novel in his paintings.

Dao Hai Phong creates magnificent landscapes from his home country. Born in Hanoi in 1965, he graduated from Hanoi College of Fine Arts. He draws his inspiration from the lush villages and teaming streets of Vietnam, executing them in bright blues, yellows, greens or reds. These strong colour schemes indelibly yet mysteriously draws the viewers attention to the key elements and the simplicity of his paintings.

Painting mainly in oils on canvas, Phong’s bold coloured images are detailed but typically “devoid of people and characterized by a peaceful emptiness”. Inspired by his travels during his work on films, Phong is currently Chief Designer at a Vietnam Film Studio and continues to paint and exhibit his work.

Village scenes and depictions of Vietnamese streets using very bright colours are characteristic of his work. The application of the signature strong colours to his paintings draws the viewer’s attention to the key elements of the paintings and underscores their structural simplicity.

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