See Different Colors Of Vietnam In The Museums Of Hanoi


Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam is known for its age old history and rich culture and traditions. The French-colonial city lures large number of tourists with its beautiful lakes and lush green parks. If you want to know more about the history, culture and arts of the enticing city, take cheap flights to Hanoi.

Following are the most important museums in Hanoi:

Ho Chi Minh Museum

The museum was built to honor the president and the first prime minister of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh. The museum features almost everything related to the great Vietnamese revolutionist. It was opened on the 100th birthday anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh. The exhibitions in the museum feature his life and work. The museum has five floors. According to experts, you should start exploring the museum from top floor. The fifth floor has a beautiful centerpiece made up of gargantuan gold. There is a section that displays extensive collection of labyrinthine murals. You will also find some automobile models. Every year several tourists take flights to Hanoi to visit this museum. Walking through the alleys, you will find collection of mementos, photos of August and October revolutions.

Fine Arts Museum

Fine arts museum is one of the six national museums in Vietnam. If you want to take a closer look at the artistic side of the country, visiting the museum is must. There are 16 rooms exhibiting over 10,000 art works. While walking around the museum, you would come across pieces belong to Bronze Age, Neolithic Age and Paleolithic Age. The exhibitions have been divided into several segments. Some of them are Primitive eras, Ethnic minorities, Ancient sculptures, Folk paintings, Fine arts and Resistance against French troops. Antique pottery and classic structure with an oriental tinge create an urge in several art lovers to take Hanoi flights and visit the museum.

Museum of Ethnology

Are you one of those travelers who are taking flights to Hanoi but not visiting Museum of Ethnology? If your answer is yes, you are doing nothing but missing an important port of the history and culture of Vietnam. This museum features largest collection of cultural heritage of the country. You get an opportunity to know about more than 50 ethnic groups such as Tay, Thai and Muong. Museum of ethnology strive to collect, preserve and research of the artworks. The museum was built in 1987 but it took 10 years to open it for public viewing. Museum of Ethnology features both indoor and outdoor exhibitions.

Vietnam Womens Museum

This museum was built to honor Vietnamese women who contributed towards the social and political scenario of the country. Statue of Vietnamese mother is the highlight of the museum. The statue is made from pure gold. It was crafted by famous artist Phu Chong. The right hand of the statue is open whereas the left hand is uplifting a child. There is a section in the museum that features achievements of Vietnamese women in the field of defense. Take a look around and you will find pictures of women serving in several national activities.

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