Introduction for the catalogue of exhibition “Dream World” of Dang Duong Bang

Introduction for the catalogue of exhibition “Dream World” of Dang Duong Bang on 25 April 2008 at Gallery Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund, Denmark

Ole Lindboe

Editor of Kunst Magasinet (Danish Art Magazine) and the author of several art books

How does the artist become an artist? Does it happen in spite of impossible condition? Or has the talent to be taken care of loving, like when one tenders carefully a small ornamental-garden? There are so apparently no rules for art: Flowers can breakthrough the asphalt. Art can sprout from the darkest moments,

There lies probably an important key to the Vietnamese artist Dang Duong Bang’s artistic universe in his childhood. He grew up in the communist Vietnam when are, brutality war and ideological standardization threw long shadows across the little boy’s childhood.

It was not easier for him that he was intelligent, very creative and not at all could avoid manifesting and express himself. It has oddly enough always been like this that children can survive by escaping in to their imagination, even when the world around them is most insane.

As an adult Dang became an acknowledged researcher. Made a career for him and went out in the world became a global citizen and an artist. Even though the researcher career called for it he could not avoid painting. That is what he does very day with a talent that is different, original and sensitive.

Seen with Danish eyes he is an exotic creature. In his world there is no moderation, no friction, no sombreness or self-torturing scruple. Dang Duong Bang paints with sunny disposition’s indemonstrable optimistic, and with a spectacular colour-related glow, where the temperament is harmonized by gentle and sensual. His universe is both dream-like and moving beautifully. Out side the time and spaces and realistic boredom. In this special world, swarm beautiful women, pretty flowers, monsters and flowers grow-like curves which together create a paradisiacal atmosphere of harmony and well –are being.

In his painting it is absolutely allowed to wander off. Here you must gladly gulp in and let oneself be swallowed by intense longing and beautiful hopes. Here are three no distinctions between the real and the dream-like. Beautiful women, strange monsters, happy fiddlers, extravagant bouquets of flowers explode in boundless variations.

You can not avoid thinking of Chagall’s playing and naïve paintings when one meets his universe the first time, but with Dang Duong Bang there is a completely special tone, which clearly originates in his memories of nature in the beautiful country he come from. Today Vietnam is popular tourist destination and the art has again been restored to favour and dignity.


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Introduction for the catalogue of exhibition “Dream World” of Dang Duong Bang

Introduction for the catalogue of exhibition “Dream World” of Dang Duong Bang on 25 April 2008 at … [Read More...]

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