Under the Light of an Oil Lamp [Part 4]

170. Of course an artist’s talent is God given. But one needs training and practice to enrich one’s knowledge vessel. A painting of someone lacking in knowledge does not feel quite right somehow.

171. Creative freedom is a necessity. It is a genuine issue. It is a matter of Art. It is a matter of talent.

Sad is the kind of “nonsensical” freedom, the untalented wanting to brag about their talent! In my opinion, leave them to create lest them complain of imposed restriction!

The viewers demand that they paint well, that they work for the sake of Art. There if creative freedom push them to achieve that then we are ready to applaud it.

172. The enthusiasm, the passion of youth is such a wonderful thing, they push you to have a desire to create. It feeds the tireless flame of work (in you). Once you have started painting, there’s no wish to stop.

173. Art loathes dishonesty and deceit. Even if you succeed (with these means), you will only reach a plateau of “counterfeit” Art that can temporarily trick a certain group of people. Think of the future, those paintings that are meant for the future will become more apparent with time and those who are opportunistic and mercenary will run out of time, yes, it is an absolute certainty that they will run out of time, people will clearly identify those who are talent-less. And then those who are admirable will also be recognised.

174. Let’s truly value those with talent. Don’t leave them to exist in prolonged misery, It is these people who will glorify a country*.

If people with talents are not treasured, there would be none.

175. Chasing after Beauty is something you do not just in paintings. A true Artist’s moral conduct needs to be constantly polished and re-examined.

176. If you keep on painting for a weak audience, keep on pleasing them, then you will yourself remain weak.

177. I do not think that there are any fixed techniques in Art. There exist particular requirements of each category, of each artist. Also, whatever an artistic concept may be, it will still have the basic aim of successfully contributing new things from its era to the garden of global Art.

178. Let’s paint until the painting is ripe i.e. until it is beautiful.

179. The professional conscience does not allow one to be satisfied with something that is not quite beautiful, or something ugly. Sometimes, because of a common, everyday reason that we have to put forth some mediocre work. That common, everyday reason may be born out of overt consideration for someone’s wishes, or it may have something to do with just money!

190. In general, human beings are oh so weak. They cannot speak the truth because they are weak. They seek fame and fortune because they are weak. Artists are significaut because they carry within themselves an extraordinary strength. Don’t think they seek fame and fortune, only certain number of them do. Not all are the same. Artists also have bad traits, they may even be worse than others. But what is there to complain they are not conning anyone and are they not also governed by a certain kind of society? Why not recognise what is wonderful about them? The ideological Beauty that they are pursuing? They are so complex that they are the angel and the devil rolled into one.

191. Empty philosophy! That’s talk without action or without the capability to act. That’s the talk of an arrogant parrot to make believe and it may also be the recital done by someone who has, in effect, learnt their lesson by heart. If you say that it is good, well, may be there is a certain skill in that. In the field of Art, there have been so many show-offs, who ended up what they are, zeros. Life does not even bother to mention their names!

192. Talent? If that is what talent is and if that is what is meant by being “talented”! Fine, let’s assume that it is talent if it suits certain people’s appetite. But there still evidently exists those talents that do not fit into any formulae and so people continue to irresponsibly regard (these outsiders) as being below-par or inadequate because it is so much less troublesome to do so. The modern painters in France, in the beginning, were decried as rebels by the old Academy types! It’s not so surprising that the feudal types fear the Revolution.

193. There’s a good kind of fame and then there’s a bad one. Many people want to leave a hallmark of their fame with people. But what kind of fame?

194. Why is it that people do not wish a life of good fortunes for those who are blessed with talents? Instead they wish them a life of sadness and bad lucks… That is all because of envy and grudge…. They feel angry when someone is better than they are!

How awful it is for those with talents who have fallen into hardship! I think that is also an injustice. Would honest people with a noble soul dare to defend those who are treated unjustly? Such people are too few and far in between, and are also often without power and so their defence does not lead to anything.

195. The best way to answer back is with your work. An artist only has paintings, paintings and paintings (beautiful paintings).

196. Style is a form of sincerity. Your style is what you are. Hence it is such a bad thing to imitate any style. Your vision (like a pair of glasses) must be your own rather borrowed!

197. The main source of happiness for an artist is to create, to build on his work. Don’t let time passes idly by and then regret that you have not achieved much.
Try to hang on to pieces of your work that are truly beautiful. May be because being an easily bored or excessively modest person, you have not treasured your works and let them fall into the hands of many people, including those who have no love for paintings.

198. Don’t think about fame or fortune when you paint. Painting should not be for selling or showing off your talent with someone. When you want to brag or show off your talent, you will be compelled to use certain formulae to win the admiration of your audience!

199. Let’s paint for ourselves, paint so that you yourself can see, can discover the appeal. Paint to infuse it with emotions. To paint is to display your view point.

210. From then to now, as we have witnessed, the counterfeit artists live with so much more material gains than the true artists. That’s the ironic thing. An artist lives in accordance to his own ideals. They do not paint just for money. Don’t mistakenly think that they are just as keen for money as everyone else but they are poor because they are “less talented”! No, they are above those who work for money because of their very poverty. They cannot sell their paintings. Those who have money would say that their work are ugly and they would smile at the commercial, materialistic life. They understood what it meant to follow an artistic calling, they understood that there may be even more hardship, more difficulties. Their offspring, the people who follow will appreciate them, will treasure what they left behind. Even in their lifetime, there will still be people who understand, value them and talk about them with respect.

211. One must work and work continuously. That’s the only way to preserve talent and push it forward. It’s not simply the matter of being capable of doing something, sometimes you know what to do but are incapable of doing it because of your lack in training or practice. On seeing how easy a good carpenter plane his wood, you may think that you can do it yourself. And yet when you are given a planer?

212. Picasso created around 25,000 paintings, leaving be hind a legacy valued at approximately 5 billion FFs. That is a great example of artistic labour. How much have we done?

213. Eventually it is your name that enhances or erodes the value of the pinting and the greater the name, the valuable the painting.

214. What is a great artist? (Someone who) painted many great works? Has many works being displayed in museums *? Renown around the world or in his own country? Praised by many people? Oh dear, does that mean that the reversed is true for a little artist?

A great artist will have more and more admirers as time goes by. This is necessary because it is the truth. Those who possess an essence will naturally give off the scent. But that too needs time.

215. There are people who advertise themselves too much when even a little would have been unacceptable!
Certain artist said: “I do not like my paintings to be displayed in exhibitions — the criticisms, the praises, the critique make me feel less free”. How complicated! Some people like to be criticised in order to spur themselves on to work harder (and so to reply his critics)! Others like to be praised so as to feel more encouraged in their work!
Don’t be overtly self-confident while working. One must understand one’s own capability, own talent and recognise both the strengths and the weaknesses. But sometimes, one must be doubtful when detected changes within oneself.

216. Aren’t artists those who chase after beautiful dreams even in everyday life?

217. I like a Beauty that’s sincere and discrete. The glorious, splendid or resplendent seems to frighten me.

218. Vitality is an important condition in order to work with Art.

219. Passion — a formidable strength.


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