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By Phan Cam Thuong 
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Phan Cam Thuong

(This article is writen about artist Hoang Hai Anh and his works)

The contribution of an artist to fine art creation can be recognized either through his innovation of art language, or simply his perfect works with the repetition of available style and techniques. The former more difficult to do. The latter is not less easier, but to reflects flow of art word, in which artists who share the shame style can have great achievements for their careers, being base on their ability of art language assimilation as well as their prominence in term of work standard.

Techniques of Expressionism, favorably used by artist Hoang Hai Anh have been so popular in Viet Nam contemporary fine art for the last 30 years, and even sharply developed by Vietnamese young artist in the year between 1980 and 1990. The world of real images is still repected but is displayed in different views, strokes go with spontaneously sudden feelings while three dimensional space is neglected, the artist is wrapped in meditation, deeply moves back to inner world so as to reflects the external through who and what is the most familiar to him.

However Expressionism contains many contradictories baring themselves. Artist wraps himself but in other way he also actually wants to proves himself, to expose his aspiration. He seems to both run away and take part in simultaneously. That is why you will be probably be interested in seeing their works.

Beyond doubt, Hoang Hai Anh is the artist like that. He is type person wrapping himself, even so conservatively that his theme is quite simple : Self- portrait, family, house still life and a little bit landscape.

Any specialization always has some certain value, especially when it is related to anxiety, caseworm and shelf mortification of human. Hai Anh has portrait himself gracefully sometimes, but other times ridiculing or being tormented development of his emotional state. The emphasized eyes and countenance tell you what he is observing, what he is thinking is something unstable, not easy to deal with. A profound knowledge of facial form and structure allows him to use brush flexibly, trokes can be thin or thick, small or long as free as he like.

If the art work evokes a sudden aspiration, previous idea for its content should be mentioned. Family and children are his two special favorite themes. These works are full of tender and sweet sentiment and are dipected in a pure and light space, giving you a pleasant feeling which is quite opposite to the tense from self – portrait series. Anyway, they still remain something like an obsession about the destiny of charaters, resembling some unconscious fear.

Habour is the litter theme of landscape. sailing boats, shore, towns, rivers and sea..ect…are divided in plentiful figures, both specific and interweaved with one another as result from direction reverse of confused but also coherent as well.

Flower still-life is another theme showing his passion for natureal theme showing his passion for natural colours and natural beauty. At first sight strokes seem to try to imitate charm of nature, but then the artist manages to go beyond dependence to object, creating it as he thinks rather than as he looks.

Among a noisy and crowded life, Hai Anh has successfully found out the space of silence, there he can meditate on human and be free to perform vivid shades of his own colours. The older he wants to prove himself in thought, the younger and fresher ideas his reflect. Hai Anh is now really at first section of a long road of art, on which he can continue a very longer and further distance in the way he expresses himself and the way portrays human life.

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