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hkfineart.com gallery offers a collection of original contemporary paintings by some of Vietnam’s best and brightest talent. The artistic range is wide and varied. We carry top quality works by senior artists as well as exciting works by emerging artists. Our main objective is to let everyone who appreciates art   have the chance to own these brilliant works. Our prices are reasonable, and our selection of art is of very high quality.

We welcome international customers to buy online. We regularly send artwork overseas to locations outside Hong Kong. Paintings are very well packed and are shipped with the frame. All paintings come with original Certificates of Authenticity.

We have held solo and group shows previously in Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, Singapore and London. Our customers are based around the world.


32/F, Tower 1, Millennium City 1
388 Kwun Tong Road
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong  
Tel:  +852 -93385964/ +91 -9891477446 / +44 -7949880735
E-mail: [email protected]       

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