Nguyen Sang – who travel commitment to the arts

“If it was not art, I have the sprayed full of money I would step on the road that goes. Also for art, I can pick up a penny each to live “, that is the motto of Nguyen Sang, the artist has dedicated his life to art.

With the transformation determination, pieces of colored zones hands several rooms, the structure suddenly bold next to the image layout and color longer than traditional academic, Nguyen Sang have mastered all materials, from oil painting to lacquer, from silk to pastels. The enemy burned my village, admit at Dien Bien Phu, Thanh Giong, Vietnam Girls, City of Homeland, Marching rainy night, the lotus flower girl … His painting of the highlights in the U.S. because of the revolutionary epic style Nguyen Sang with the authentic feel full history of his revolutionary.

The image of his art was refined on the flat, low-chroma colors, but many suggest should be a clear space. Art critic Nguyen Quan said: “On a flat background stocky like real stone ground forces, such as sky-way flat compressed into his sadness is the bold, the piece is very strong and liberalbut also very soft. Thereby creating the space, making close competition Nguyen Sang Dong Ho, Hang Trong. Nguyen Sang has its own drawing style: strong and consistent. Moreover, he was a leading painter of historical descriptions. Followed by portraits, landscapes, still lifes, especially in portraits, he is a master of fate rather than describe the traits and characteristics. ”

Portrait of Nguyen Tuan Hoai, Nguyen Tien Chung, Bui Xuan Phai, Duong Bich Lien … are all different fate is described in the pen strokes to, bold fit and reduced to a minimum. Critics Thai Ba Van said: “In Nguyen Sang, he more thoroughly and aggressively reduce the negativeflat elements of expression. Only Master language with vocabulary words used massive and skillful art new speech short, compact, strong and so beautiful. How can you be a mistake Nguyen Sang in oil paint brush marks are very delicious, in the film we are grinding like suddenly stopped abruptly awaken the passion, in the bright shiny silver command as a solar had breached the legendary green leaves of life, in the horizontal strokes along the delight and freedom as to the sword dance. ”

Besides these works bring revolutionary themes and portraits, Nguyen Sang also be appreciated in the big picture as a young woman who lay in the garden of bananas,Thap pagoda, wrestling, Choi buffalo, cats sometimes, artist and model, artist Sentiment, Space, Space …

Nguyen Sang rural South, the North school Indochina Fine Arts College course 14 (1940-1945) and in the North must live and composition (because he believed the North than his organ). Nearly 50 years later, he returned to Saigon last and died there in poverty. His whole life was not happy, comfort. Hoang Dinh Tai artist explains: “By Nguyen Sang is 100% artist, who travels with the ideal, tireless commitment to the arts.” Lacquer files last he drew out all night and then attack down the excavation malaria easel.

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