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Two Tigers is about travel, collecting unique works of art and connections. Tom and his wife Sue have always been eclectic collectors of art that appeals to them at an emotional level. They love to travel, make new friends, and share their discoveries with others. Seeking out unique collectibles gives a purpose to their travels as well as the opportunity meet some very interesting people; both artists and collectors.

Tom started working as a stockbroker in 1976. In 1999 he left the brokerage industry but stayed involved writing an e-mail newsletter on the market called The newsletter is active today and a great compliment to our work in the art world. Representing artists and collectors is very similar to representing companies and investors, so the transition is natural.

Viet Nam is a core destination for exploration. Tom travels there every six months and has done so since the spring of 2007. Even after many trips, he is still discovering unique collectibles, meeting new artists and having fun. TTG has built very strong friendships with our Vietnamese partners, Thoa and Phuong. They represent our interests in Viet Nam and are constantly presenting us with introductions and opportunities. We’d be happy to work with you on any special requests.

In the future, we’ll expand our international travel and seek out additional unique collectibles to share with you. We’d be very remiss however if we did not include some of our local talent. The Midwest region of America has many very talented artists. We will introduce you to some wonderful home grown talent in coming e-mails and on our site.

“Every culture has a different perspective on reality. I’m looking to round out my perception of the world we live in by meeting people who express themselves and their native cultures through art. I have gained a better understanding of myself by seeing others’ views of the world. When I go to visit a place, it is important to me to get to know the people, how they think, do things, and express themselves.”- Tom Linzmeier of Two Tigers Gallery on the relationship between art and culture

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