Le Quang Ha’s Altered Faces


Bangkok’s art scene makes way for Le Quang Ha’s bold, slightly disturbing, yet very intriguing paintings in Altered Faces. Here, he shines some light on what he is trying to convey.

By BK staff | published Apr 24, 2008

Le Quang Ha

What can we expect from your exhibition?

I work on what I have experienced and my presentiment of what will happen in our society. Already, our existences are filled with excess falsehood and we are veiled by too many beautiful words and hypocrisy. I want to strip off all these, so everyone understands thoroughly the root cause that leads people not only to cupidity but to wickedness.

The best thing about being an artist?


The most challenging part about being an artist?

Is to dare to negate old and established things, especially those that are unprogressive, and to challenge tradition, culture and values. One has to break down idols, even if it is God, to let oneself fabricate a more civilized and new cultural order.

Future plans/projects?

In addition to painting, I have a passion for architecture and sculpture. I do not want to separate the two concepts, but wish to see them as one unique body. Together, they must be used effectively and bring aesthetic benefits for public places. This is a difficult task for many cities. I hope to have enough works to realize this wish soon.

If not an artist, what would you be?

I would probably be a writer. In any case, an honest person.

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