Veteran artist spotlights wonder of nature


Paintings of northern Vietnam’s beautiful natural landscapes by veteran artist Dang Tin Tuong are currently on exhibit at the Korean Cultural Centre in Hanoi.

The exhibition features a series of 36 paintings which bring Ha Long Bay and Sa Pa closer to people in Hanoi.

Tuong’s pieces, which are primarily black ink on do (poonah) paper, portray the surprising grandeur and unique charm found in the wonder nature during the springtime. All of the artworks in this exhibit were created in 2009 and 2010.

Born in 1945 in the northern province of Hai Duong, Tuong graduated from the Viet nam College of Fine Arts. He has shown his work in many domestic and international exhibitions, such as the National Fine Arts Exhibition in 1980 and 1989 and an exhibition at Kochi Fine Arts Museum in Japan on 50 years of modern Vietnamese painting.

During his youth, Tuong visited numerous northern battlefields to record the resistance wars and draw the local scenery and famous, sites.

Tuong’s growing popularity was first highlighted by a series of large-sized lacquer engravings of landscapes.

While a great majority of artists choose to use oil or lacquer to create their works, which allows them to paint freely, Tuong gained fame for his carved lacquer paintings, an art form that few artists specialise in as it requires patience.

His current paintings highlight a robust and introspective change. He drew countless clouds and mountains to show the beauty of nature, says Nguyen Quan, a fine art critic.

Mr Keum Gi Hyung, Director of Korean Cultural Center shares:

Dang Tin Tuong’s artworks converge natural beauty and Vietnamese people. Especially, in his works, people can see artist’s soul with strong passion for art and desire to express beauty in simplest thing”.


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