Festival honours pottery-making and lacquer


The Hue Traditional Craft Village Festival will be held from June 12-14 on the theme of “Hue’s traditional trades: characters and development”.

The third event aims to honour two main trades, pottery-making and lacquer. Two previous trade village festivals featured hat-making, embroidery, copper-casting and wood carving.

The Festival 2009 is expected to draw pottery-making artisans coming from trade villages all over the country, including Bat Trang, Nhung (Hanoi), Chu Dau (Hai Duong), Phu Lang (Bac Ninh), Huong Canh (Vinh Phuc) and Bau Truc (Ninh Thuan).

The event will also attract well-known lacquer painters, artisans and enterprises in Hue, Hanoi, Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh City.

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